India is home to various small scale industries and these micro small and medium enterprises play a vital role in the Indian economy. Why and How to form SSI (Udyam) registration in Ramanathapuram Coimbatore? is like climbing a hill. That is why the Government of India has recently launched various easy processes, beneficial schemes, incentives and concessions to promote the establishment of MSME India under the MSMED Act. How to form SSI (Udyam) registration in Ramanathapuram Coimbatore? is a basic question and discussed in this blog .

The SSI Registration Scheme provides a certificate that allows units to obtain legal benefits in terms of protection.

It provides statistics of SSI units operating in India.

Its aim is to create nodal centres at the central, state and district levels to promote SSI.

DIC (District Industries Centre) Primary Registration Centre under SSI Registration Scheme.

Also, the registration process is not mandatory. This is a voluntary process.

SSI (Udyam) registration in Coimbatore states that there are two types of registrations in all states. First, a provisional certificate will have issuance and a permanent registration certificate will have issuance once production begins.

The PRC (Permanent Registration Certificate) is usually valid for five years.

Permanent registration certificate is a condition to SSI units before starting a business or service. It allows the unit to obtain the term loans and working capital from financial institutions and banks under priority sector loans. After obtaining PRC, you can also get facilities for accommodation, land and other facilities. Also, you can get various NOCs and permits required from the regulatory bodies like Pollution Control Board, Labour Control etc.

SSI (Udyam) registration in Coimbatore states that PRC is valid for a period of 5 years. If the entrepreneur fails to manage the business at this time, he can apply again after the expiration date.

Upon commencement of production by a unit, one has to apply for permanent registration in the prescribed form.

It must obtain legal or administrative clearance e.g., NOC from the Pollution Control Board (if required), licenses under the control drug control order, etc.

During the evaluation, the unit should not violate existing location limits

The value of machinery and plants is less

According to the notification the unit will have no regulation and belong to other other industries

Benefits of Provisional Registration Certificate (PRC)

Granted for a pre-operative period and allows units to obtain the term loans and working capital from financial institutions / banks under priority sector loans.

SSI (Udyam) registration in Coimbatore states that obtaining facilities for land, accommodation and other approvals

Obtaining important NOCs from regulatory bodies such as labour regulations and the Pollution Control Board.

Benefits of SSI (Udyam) registration in Coimbatore

Ownership: Such units generally belong to a single entity. So it is the sole owner or sometimes the partner.

Management: Both management and control are usually with the owner / owners. So the owner has active involvement in running the business on a daily basis.

Limited Reach: SSI (Udyam) registration in Coimbatore states that there is a limit of activity for small scale industries. So they meet local and regional demand.

Labour Intensive: These small scale industries use labor and manpower for their production activities. So their reliance on technology has less limitation.

Flexibility: These units are more suited to their changing business environment. So in the case of sudden changes or unexpected unintended consequences, they are flexible enough to adapt and continue. Large industries do not have this advantage.

Resources: They use local and easily available resources. This will help the economy to make better use of natural resources and with less waste.

Procedure for Small scale industries registration in Coimbatore Online

1: Fill in the registration form and follow the instructions by providing all the required information as mentioned on the home page to complete the application form.

2: After filling the form, click on ‘Verify and Pay’ to submit the application and pay the registration fee.

3: Post Payment and Form Submission, Executive will process your application

4: Once the application has got the approval, you will receive a certificate online via email

The registration form has 21 items to fill online, including the applicant’s Aadhar card, name, social class, gender, physical disability, company name, company type and PAN. In addition these elements include the location of the plant, office address, mobile number and email id of the applicant, business start date, bank account number, IFS code, business activities, NIC 2 digit code, additional details about the business, number of employees, amount in investment plant and machinery and finally the applicant’s Aadhar card attachment.

Role of small scale industries

Total production

SSI (Udyam) registration in Coimbatore states that these companies account for almost 40% of the total goods and services produced in the Indian economy. They are major reasons for the growth and strengthening of the economy.


SSI (Udyam) registration in Coimbatore states that these small scale industries are the main sources of employment in the country. The whole labor force did not find work in the formal sector of the economy. So these labor-intensive industries provide a livelihood for the greater part of the labor force.

Contribution to exports

SSI (Udyam) registration in Coimbatore states that half (45-55%) of the goods exported from India have production by these small firms. 35% of direct exports and 15% of indirect exports come from small scale industries. So India’s export industry is highly dependent for the growth and development of these small industries.

The welfare of the people

SSI (Udyam) registration in Coimbatore states that apart from economic reasons, these industries are also important for the social growth and development of our country. These industries usually started for lower or middle class people. They have the opportunity to earn wealth and be an employee to other people. It helps in income distribution and contributes to social progress.

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Q1. What is the first and foremost goal of SSI registration?

SSI registration is useful for obtaining discounts and rebates from the government.

Q2. What is the maximum investment that can be made through SSI?

The maximum investment allowed for SSI is Rs. 1 crores.

Q3. Can I register SSI online?

Yes, you can register with SSI Online by visiting their official website and filling and submitting the application form.