You may know about the words MSME or SSI, MSME represents Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and SSI represents Small Scale Industries. The greater part of the Entrepreneurs are searching for such a permit by which their business will be perceived by the public authority. MSME or SSI is the most ideal choice for them. Yet, the greater part of the occasions because of various names, for example, SSI, MSME or Udyog Aadhar individuals get mistaken for it.

However, there is no such distinction between SSI or MSME, SSI or Small Scale Industries was started to foster the Small scope businesses with rise of MSMED (Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Development Act, 2006. Small scale enterprises (SSI) are those ventures where fabricating, offering types of assistance, creations are done on a limited scale or small size.

Till the year 2017, the all-out MSME Registration is above 36.2 million in India. As indicated by the grouping of these businesses, there are 630.52 lakh micro endeavors 3.31 lakh little enterprises and 0.05 medium ventures. Among them, 79.63 % of units are claimed by guys and 20.37% of ventures are possessed by ladies.

What is MSME/SSI?

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises are isolated in 3 unique sorts, which are referenced underneath:

Micro Enterprises – When a business sets 25 lacs rupees in a specific business in the assembling area goes under Micro Enterprises. Under the Services area when an industry sets 10 lakh rupees goes under the help area of Micro Enterprises.

Small EnterprisesSmall Industries are the person who has set in excess of 25 lakhs and under 5 crores goes under the assembling area and when the business contributes in excess of 10 lakhs and under 2 crores under Services area goes under Small Enterprises.

Medium Enterprises – Medium Industries are the person who has set in excess of 5 crores and under 10 crores goes under the assembling area and when the business contributes multiple crores and under 5 crores under Services area goes under Small Enterprises.

Small scale Industries (SSI) is a sort of organization who make merchandise or administrations with the assistance of somewhat more modest machines and a couple of laborers and workers. The constraints of Investment for Small Scale Industries are referenced underneath:

Interest in plant and hardware should be between 25 lakhs and 5 crores for the assembling Industries.

Interest in plants and hardware should be between 10 lakhs and 2 crores for administrations enterprises.

6 Benefits of MSME/SSI Registration

When a Company gets enrolled under MSME or SSI, they get obligated to use different plans and advent generations according to the public authority.

It is feasible to profit a 50 % appropriation on Trademark or patent registration.

MSME or SSI registration will assist you with profiting the Industrial Promotion Subsidy.

By giving an application to the Electricity Department, the organizations enrolled under MSME can get a concession on the power bill.

They are obligated to benefit repayment of ISO affirmation cost.

MSME or SSI enlisted organization can get 1% exclusion on Overdraft offices.

Goals of MSME/SSI enlistment

MSME or SSI registration assists with counting and keep a roll of the little enterprises to which the bundle of motivators and backing are focused on.

Give a testament that empowers the units to profit of the legal advantgenerations, principally as far as assurance.

Fill the need of the assortment of the insights.

MSME or SSI registration is used as a character confirmation for the business for opening a ledger, likewise for GST Registration. MSME and SSI assists with developing our country monetarily just as socially. By this individuals gets a chance to develop and add to the social advancement of the country.


There is no distinction among MSME and SSI. Small scale Industries (SSI) are those businesses where manufacturing of goods, production of goods and offering types of assistance are completely done on a limited scale or small size.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) credits are given by the government to individuals who need to put resources into their organizations and are in the assembling and administration sector. Both MSME and SSI have assembling and administration area, however SSIs produce merchandise or offer types of assistance with the assistance of generally less machines and laborers.

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises are partitioned into three classes: the assembling and administration sctors in micro undertakings have a yearly turnover of underneath Rs. 5 crores. For little ventures the yearly turnover is between Rs. 5 crores and Rs. 75 crores while medium endeavors have a yearly turnover between Rs. 75 crores and Rs. 250 crores. For small scale producing businesses, interest in plant and hardware are between 25 lakhs and 5 crores, while in the help area a similar venture should be between 10 lakhs and 2 crores.

Is SSI and Udyog Aadhaar same?

The technique for getting MSME selection has been improved by the introduction of the Udyog Aadhaar for MSME in India. Considering the direct structure introduced, the business would be given online at any rate, unique identifier or Udyog Aadhaar making the unit officially enlisted as a SSI or MSME.

SSI Unit

Small scale industries (SSI), like bread kitchens, salons, and calfskin pack fabricating units, are those that assembling and render administrations by making a limited speculation.

Who can get MSME registration?

Ownerships, Hindu Undivided Family, Partnership Firm, One Person Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company, Limited Company, Producer Company, any relationship of people, co-employable social orders or some other endeavors can acquire MSME registration in India.

Real estate comes under MSME

Power generation, land, infra units sorted under MSME definition.  The report has additionally arranged the accompanying exercises under ‘Administrations’ to be covered by MSME definition specifically: retreading of tires, power dissemination, and framework a land administrations, stockrooms, godowns and cold stockpiles.

Ministry of MSME has ordered Power generation (regular or non-ordinary) and cotton ginning as ‘Assembling’ under the meaning of MSME.

The Office of the Development Commissioner (MSME) under the Ministry has as of late gave an explanation with this impact.

The report has likewise ordered the accompanying exercises under ‘Administrations’ to be covered by MSME definition to be specific: retreading of tires, power conveyance, and foundation a land administrations, stockrooms, godowns and cold stockpiles.

The help MSMEs are subsequently characterized: Micro (up to Indian Rupees 1 million), Small (1 to 20 Million) and Medium (20 to 50 Million).