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We Solubilis offer SSI or small scale Industries registration in Coimbatore under the MSMED Act. The MSMED Act is mainly to register SSI, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). Registration is not necessary but if we do so it will be an added advantages to us. The advantages include priority sector lending, excise and direct tax exemptions, capital investment subsidies and power tariff subsidies. To get the MSME Registration, manufacturing industries have to invest less than 10 crore in the plant and machinery field. Likewise, service enterprises have no more than 5 crore investment in plant and machinery commerce. In certain point, if you cross this limit you have to cancel the registration under the MSMED Act.

SSI certificate is applicable for micro, small and medium enterprises and any other industries that fall under any of these three categories. SSIs are help to attain the economic growth, promoting equitable development etc. Thus the Government of India promotes various supports to SSI via subsidies, schemes, incentives etc. under the MSME Act.

SSI Registration is required to get the benefits under the MSME Act from Central and State Government and from banking sectors. This is why I have already said that it is beneficial to get registered. Both the manufacturing and service sectors need SSI Registration for micro, small and medium sized enterprises. SSI Registration also provides some benefits like eligibility for lower rates of interests, excise exemption scheme, tax subsidies, power tariff subsidies, capital investment subsidies and other benefits.

  • To compute and maintain small scale industries which the incentives are targeted.
  • To provide the certificate of registration mainly in terms of protection
  • To serve the purpose of collection of statistics in SSI.
  • To promote SSI creating nodal centres at Central, State and District levels.

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SSI is under the single ownership. So it can be either sole proprietorship or partnership.

Both management and control with owners. Thus owner have the responsibility in a day-today activities.

Dependence on technology is limited. They can use the manpower and labour to make production.

SSIs are more flexible and in case of amendments they are flexible enough to change.

They have the limited zone of operations. Hence they can meet local and regional demands.

They are using local and readily available resources and it helps to utilize natural resources.


PRC is given for the pre-operative period and it enable the groups to attain loans and working capitals from financial institutions under the priority sector lending. It helps to get accommodation, land and other approvals.

The below are the main cases which leads to obtain De-Registration.

  • Crosses the investment limit
  • Start manufacturing any new item that require industrial license or other kind of licenses.
  • It does not satisfy the condition of being owned, or controlled

Udyog Aadhaar is a kind of Identity Card for micro, small and medium enterprises. It is an enrolment card to open a bank account for the business. Udyog Aadhaar is the 12 digit unique ID. It offers lawfulness to the business. Both are different.

If a business sets 25 lacs for its manufacturing sector is comes under Micro enterprises. Under the service sector it sets 10 lakh rupees and is known as Micro enterprises. Small enterprises are comes under the manufacturing sector should have the limit within 25 lakhs and 5 cores. In case of service sector they have to invest more than 10 lakhs and less than 2 crores.

  • Manufacturing enterprises
  • Service Enterprises

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