The enterprise to register Small Scale Industries(SSI) and Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) is now refers as Udyam registration[as per notification on July 1, 2020]. In the past five decades SSI has shown a tremendous growth. Getting started with small scale industry is a good idea, because you cannot fight with large scale industry at a stretch. With a small group of people, when you start, you will have the advantages as well. Udyam registration in Ramanathapuram- Coimbatore gives some of the examples for the SSI. They are school stationary, toy shops, bag shops, Photo studios, Beauty parlors. Registering e-business, it has reputation and good followers. Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises introduced the Directories of Industries of State Government provide registration. The manufacturing enterprise and service enterprise are the most eligible forms of enterprise that can be registered.

Evolution of SSI in India

Udyam registration in Ramanathapuram -Coimbatore states , Development and Regulation Act 1951 define SSI. Industrialization flourished in the year 1955 to 1960, . The small scale sectors received good reception and boosted in the year, 1960 to 1965. The small sectors were agro based industries, cottage industries. Small sectors contributed about one third of the production. During the year, 1975- 1976, 5.50lakh of small scale industries were there. There was an increase in the year 1990-1991 in the number 19.4 lakh small scale industries. In the duration of 1999 – 2000 the number of small scale units was 97.15 lakh. At present there is 1, 05, 21,190 SSI sectors are widening through the nation.

Features of Udyam registration(SSI & MSME)

Udyam registration in Ramanathapuram -Coimbatore says the salient features of Udyam registration (SSI & MSME). The SSI has one-ownership. Sometimes it can have the partnership also. But mostly you can enjoy the single ownership. Day to day involvement of the owner is present in the SSI. For a shop taking photocopies let’s say a Xerox shop, the owner need not to depend upon the technology. Simply they use calculator as a device. If the number of customers is large in number, then they hire manpower to accomplish the job. No pre-booking needed through internet so labors hired to do the job. SSI is more flexible. If you need any expansion in the business then the SSI may have expansion in various forms.

Udyam registration in Ramanathapuram -Coimbatore says the role of Udyam registration (SSI & MSME). SSI is responsible to the development of the nation. They can provide more employment opportunities and the standard of the people will increase. The export of India relies upon the small scale industries. Nearly 40% of the production gets its account for the GST in India. Hence it is a useful tool for the economic growth of India.

Process and Documents


Udyam registration in Ramanathapuram – Coimbatore advises that if you decide to get the registration certificate, firstly you should have provisional Udyam registration certificate. One should obtain this provisional Udyam registration certificate in the pre-operative stage of Udyam registration. This certificate serves as a licence so that you can get the bank loans. Also this certificate is necessary to buy materials for construction and only then you may be able to avail for power supply facilities. This license is valid for five years. To obtain the provisional Udyam registration certificate following documents are necessary.

Udyam registration in Ramanathapuram – Coimbatore says that proprietaries or the partners or the Directors of the company have to produce three passport size photos. They need photocopies of partnership deed, article of association and memorandum of association. Proofs of legal possession are compulsory. Also it requires consent of the Pollution Control Committee. The place SSI situated should not violate any rules in that place. It should have necessary clearance documents. Then the business once starts, finally permanent Udyam registration takes place.

Udyam registration in Ramanathapuram – Coimbatore states what are all the administrative requirements to set up SSI & MSME in India. SIDO (Small Industries Development Organization) implements and the ministry monitors various program . Also the nodal agency for the contribution and development of Khadi industries is the Ministry of Agro and rural industries. It sets the administration. Handicrafts board, Coir board and KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission) promote policies and program. Udyam registration in Ramanathapuram- Coimbatore says that last but not the least, Ministry of Small Scale Industries play a major role by formulating program, schemes and design policies. SIDBI Small Industrial Development Bank of India is the major financial institution for promoting small scale industries. Unorganized Sector NCEUS National Commission of Enterprise sets up in encouraging global competitiveness of small scale industries.   

Recent updates

Udyam registration in Ramanathapuram- Coimbatore gives the recent update on SSI in India. Recently Kerala has demanded for special package for all the small scale industries. Due to demands from the entrepreneurs like need of moratorium loans and the sanction of new loans the CM of Kerala needed special package. But out of two the granted new loans and that too lies in the mercy of the banks. But due to Corona outbreak, the banks are not ready to release new loans to the small scale industries.

Also in Bengal since there are many recessions big investments cannot happen. But the GDP growth of the industry is because of small scale industries in the nation. Udyam registration in Ramanathapuram -Coimbatore says that if you want to be an owner please go with the plan of small scale industry. Rather than being an employee in some other firm is an owner; you can stand on your own legs. Hence Government is also very assistive in providing your financial needs and helps in the growth.